Dear Fellow Website/Blog owner,

You already know how important it is to keep your website constantly updated, making sure there is always up to date information and keeping it active. When people visit your site they don't want to see pages that have remained the same for months on end. In fact, it's fundamental to getting traffic and keeping a good listing on the Search Engines. A big part of the search engine raking is based on how frequently your site is updated.

That's one of the reasons savvy website owners use WordPress.  It's easy to add new content to a WordPress site and keep your readers -  and the search engines - well fed with new content.  WordPress even let's you schedule the "publishing" or release of your pages and posts at some time in the future.

But there's just one problem.  Each new piece of WordPress content you publish, no matter if it's a WordPress post or a page, HAS IT'S OWN URL or LINK.  That means that, in order for your readers to find that new content, you've got to add items to menus or add links to pages and sidebars, then HOPE and PRAY your readers see and click on those links.






That's a HUGE problem with scheduling content changes (I'm sure you have faced it too) and it's this exact problem that inspired me to create this SUPER new plugin.  With wpTimeDirect, you can keep your links the same and easily schedule changes and updates to the content those links point to.



What do I mean by that?  Well, how would you like to:


Easily schedule changes to the content of your home page?

Put your website's "static front page" (home page) on a rotating schedule you specify - without having to wade through the WordPress Settings menu!

Use a single link (e.g. that points to content that changes regularly (daily, weekly, etc.) based on a schedule you specify.


In the past you had to constantly live around your website, making changes adding bits and pieces here and there, maybe you had to change plans, or miss out on other things you would rather be doing .

Or worse yet, maybe you just let things slip and make almost no changes for months on end, leaving your visitors with a static, boring browsing experience.


Think of the possibilities. You can provide your users with a single link that they can remember or bookmark and, with that link, you could ...

Run a special anytime you want, do them each week, month or year.

Run a 30 day course, with a new lesson or module released every day.

Leave your site for weeks at a time, and let it update itself.

"Fire and forget" autoreleases with different content pages (videos, testimonials, etc.) released progressively during the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases.

24 hour special offers - "put 'em up" and "take 'em down"... automatically!

The List goes on...

The only question is – How much easier is it going to be for you using wpTimeDirect while you get more time to do things you want to do?


This is the best part. Because not only can you save hours of time, make you WordPress website much more flexible, while making your life much easier but...  it only costs $17!

That’s a drop in the bucket – pure pocket change – considering all the benefits this simple plugin packs in!

It’s so simple – and yet so incredibly easy to use – you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Here’s how to get started:

bullet STEP 1 - It's a WordPress plugin - so you can use the WordPress installer to add it to your site.  No need for FTP.
bullet STEP 2 - Once you have decided how want to use this plugin, all you have to do is create your WordPress pages or posts (or even use HTML pages) on your webserver.
bullet STEP 3 - Enter the URL of the files or simply use the WordPress page/post title and specify the date and time you want them to appear, press a button, and you're all set.
bullet STEP 4 - Relax!

Now you can sit back and watch WordPress and wpTimeDirect go to work for you. You'll never have to worry again about getting back in time to make those all important updates.


Download wpTimeDirect Right Now with Instant Access


Choose Your Option: Personal Use or Resale Rights License

wpTimeDirect For
Personal Use Only

Only $17

wpTimeDirect With
Resale Right License

One Time Payment of $47

Resale Rights Terms:

[YES] Can be sold for a suggested price of $24.97, Minimum $17
[YES] Sales letter included
[YES] Can put your name on the salespage

[NO] Can give away for free
[NO] Can be added to membership site or training site
[NO] Can be added as bonus to other product
[NO] Can be bundled with other product in Firesale
[NO] Can sell Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, or PLR
[NO] Can be sold in any auction site
[NO] Can be sold on any forum
[NO] Can sell developer license

Best Wishes,

Ken Sar



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